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Cinovate’s Exports:-

CINOVATE’s EXPORTS is designed to cater to the Documentation and reporting requirements of International trade. Elaborate customizing features have been provided so that this module can be tuned to meet the business requirements of any industry.

The export cycle starts with the generation of the export sales order in SAP. The export specific documents that need to be generated immediately after this stage can be printed by defaulting data either from the  sales order or sales contract which is in SAP or from the LC/ CAD Documents that are captured in CINOVATE
CINOVAT Exports integrates with the Sales and distribution Module of SAP.


Generates export documents for international trade.
Fulfillment of export obligation of licenses.
Creation of CAD shipments possible.
Mapping and utilization of advance payments from customers.>
Managing letter of credit shipments.
Contract printout with reference to LC/CAD possible.
Container/pre-shipment tracking.
Manages Export Packing credit and post shipment loan.
Clubbing of multiple commercial invoices.
Mapping of shipping bill types with shipping bill numbers.
Handling of export forward contract if required.

CINOVATE’s Imports Module:-

CINOVATE’s IMPORTS is designed to cater to the Documentation and reporting requirements of Complex  needs of Imports in India. Elaborate customizing features have been provided so that this module can be tuned to meet the business requirements of any industry.

The Imports  process starts with the EXIM License application functionality [At present Not covered]
The import module generates and maintains the Letter of credit / DADP documents based on the SAP Contract or Purchase order.

Various Functionalities provided for LC /DADP Receipts, Amendments. Every stage Bank master will be updates. Printouts of various Documents required for submissions can be taken from System like Cover Letters, Annexure etc.

Document Set creation  like NNDO  with refernce to PO/Contract and capture of all the BOL details such as Invoice details,BOL details,Shpping details of Contract  /PO Bank acceptnce based on the Document set and linking to Letter of credit .and required Form A1 and A2 Print as per the business requirement.

Based on the BOL and Bank acceptance Bill of entry submission.

The Bill of entry for Home /Inbound/Exbound/Highsea sale with extra facilties to capture Shortages/Excess quantities during BOE.

CINOVAT  Imports integrates with the Material Management  Module of SAP.



License Cycle as per the Customer requirement [Not cover in present version] .  
Covers a full Letter of Credit [LC] Cycle .  
LC application with clause wise and various functionalities to Edit Materials, Attach documents, Bank details, Cover letter and Annexure print from the System.  
Processes all type of LC like Single, Revolving, Sight, Foreign and Inland.  
Bank master Updation in each and every stage automatically based on the transactions.  
Receipt of LC from the Bank and approval.  
Amendments with user friendly application clause wise and approval.  
Document set creation w.r.t PO /Contarct and capture all the BOL details such as Shipping details,Invoice details,Purchase doc details.  
Bank acceptance based on Document set created and linking to Letter of credit and allows only as per the BOL.  
Documents Retirement.  
Maintenance of bank limits for LC application.  
Maintenance of bank limits for LC application.  
Supports Bill of Entry preparation for all type of transactions like Home Consumption, Into Bond, Ex-Bond transfer and High sea sale BOE Type with features of Shortage/Excess/ options to capture Bill of entry details.  
Bill of exchange module facilitates the calculation of customs duty using duty calculation procedures and License utilization.  
Bank Guarantee functionalities such as BG Application creation /BG Extensions/BG Amendments /BG Closing .  
BG Application /Extension /Closing Prints.  

CINOVATE’s  Form Tracking:-

CINOVATE’s FORMS TRACKING provides an efficient method of tracking the various concessional forms, which are to be submitted to the Central Sales Tax Authorities to avail reduction in Sales Tax.

The module can be extended to track and monitor other forms like Transit forms, Road Permits and Octroi forms. The product provides extensive analytical reports to supplement form-wise, customer-wise and period-wise details.

CINOVAT’ Forms Tracking module integrates with the Sales and Purchase modules of SAP.


Details of different concessional forms can be tracked in relation to the Sales oder, Purchase order and Stock transfer order in the SAP system.  
Form Type and eligible customer are identified based on the Tax code and conditions Types.  
Form of any nature can be incorporated for tracking and monitoring purposes through form type customizations.  
Both the forms are done from a single transaction code by selecting the required form type.  
Options for entering the form amount which is editable one and once entered then system can show the balances that forms if Any.  
If multiple lines are selected an sum up options provided to added it which will help the user to reduce the wastage of time in calculating the amount.  
Entry of Form numbers is done on the basis of TIN numbers this will ensure even if multiple plants have single TIN numbers we can share the Form number and amount.  
The amount entered in the Form amount total field ,Billing amount and the Sum up of the Lines selected must be same otherwise, system will not allow to save the Form.  
Provision to estimate tax liability incurred due to non‐receipt of Concessional forms.  
Generation of statutory registers for Central Sales Tax authorities.  
Ageing analysis for forms due from customers( Quarterly wise).  


CINOVATE’s  INSURANCE  addresses  the needs of business corporate in the areas of INSURANCE and CLAIM MANAGEMENT. It covers  and supports most typical types of Insurance such as Marine Cargo,Fire etc.

It provides efficient management of all Insurance related activities starting from Filing theProposal to Claims Processing and settlements.

It ensures data capturing and processing during entire insurance Life cycle.

CINOVAT’ INSURANCE  module integrates with the Sales ,Purchase,Finance,Asset management of SAP,and some of the CINOVATE’s  Import /Export Modules.


All the Stages in Insurance and Claim processing [Proposal, Policy Receipts, Policy Endorsment, Declaration, Claim Intimation, Claim Processing and Claim administration] are handled by this module.  
Customization of Insurance Types, Policy types, Stages, Tabs, Covers, Add-on risks, Premium rates and calculations, dress and Messages & Print Formats.  
Updating and Tracking of premium amount  
Facility to store scanned images and documents.  
Posting Premium &Settlements amounts in SAP-FICO if required.  
Tracking of insurance claims and Policies through different reports.  
Check list of documents to be submitted for lodging Insurance claims.  
Tracks insured materials item-wise,along with related Purchase/Delivery documents for each Policy [Marine] and the pending amount under each policy.  
Provision to capture shipments details in Marine Insurance Policy.  
Print Forms such as proposal form,Endorsement Form,Declarationform,Claim intimationform and Claim form can be generated.  
Alert mechanisms can be provided based on the business requirement.  
New storage Location wise stock with value for a particular period designed for Fire insurance.