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What You Are Missing

  V.S.Chakravarthy Regional Business Head  

“ May be you will be working  on the same technologies and similar domains, so why
I-Novate? What is our key differentiator is not that we do different things but that we do the same things differently. 

How  do we achieve that? We make our teams confident, our stakeholders accountable, our supporters dependable and more so we make our management focused and committed.

“ Take a call and re look at it, may be you are missing something if you are not at I-Novate. ”

  Ajeet Agarwal  

“ My  journey in I-Novate has indeed been a memorable one; I am associated with this company since its inception. Since then there have been lot of customers I have worked with. There has been learning at every stage and the best part was working with people who have been more like a part of the extended family. I am  grateful to my team members who have stood by me all the way.

I-Novate is a great place to work. Grab the opportunity you get, show dedication, put your efforts & surely you will get what you deserve.

“ I should say its been a joyful journey of enormous learning and challenges till date in a close knit family. ”

  Anand MC Regional Business Head  

“ I-Novate is a very good place to work as work is enjoyment in I-Novate.  
The main advantage is that I-Novate is a very good family of professionals.  They are very aggressive in the Market and turnaround time is very fast. A company with good ambitions and a clear road map for achieving the same.

After joining I-Novate I could maintain work life balance as I-Novate has very good culture and flexibility. The Senior Management understands the importance of having a balance between personal and work life.

Major difference between I-Novate and others is the “family touch” which is very important for an organization to have a good employee relations. This and the enriching experience I have got at I-Novate, has not been there in any other organization and this would be missed if not in I-Novate.”

  Anurag Dwivedi  

“ The opportunity to be part of an organization that is growing and has strong ongoing growth ambitions is extremely attractive especially when compared to the current flat or decline approaches of many other organizations.

There is freedom at work and the promise of exceptionally fast growth for all deserving.

I started my carrier with I-Novate as Project Lead in late 2009, and after successful execution of 3-4 projects I am now managing multiple clients. So far my experience with I-Novate has been fairly good.  I-Novate has a very strong and young team of very knowledgeable persons for guidance and support.

Being situated at Tier 2 city we get sufficient time for family as well. Hence the work life balance is perfect. I-Novate has taken many initiatives in imparting a good work culture in the Organization. Exceptionally fast growth and work life balance make it one of the best employers I have worked with so far. ”