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Introduction :-

Sovereign Political entities involved in the international Trade have their own set of rules a nd regulation. This regulation may be in the form of Tariffs, Customs, Quantitative restrictions, exchange controls and local taxes. Extensive documentation a characteristic of International trade’s Procedures and processes is paramount to the smooth flow of goods and payments thereof across national frontiers. The differing legal and monetary systems make the process more complex.

Needless to mention, The Indian Trade Processes are very complex and time consuming .

Imports in to india are regulated by the provisions of import policy of the government of india through the policy of industrial Licensing. The Prevailing Acts and regulations of Customs and CentralExcise of India ,enacted from time to time,also govern the movement of goods in and from India. Industrialists,Importers,exporters,and manufacturers ,big and small bogged by down by these frequent changes directly affecting their systems.

The central Excise Act,Rules and Procedures ,The CENVAT scheme,exemtions,Problems of classifications and Valuations,etc.and their associated Documents can prove to be quite deterrent

The Solution :-

This is the right time and for Indian companies Implementing SAP to have Add-On Products that not only integrates with the Main SAP system but also get constantly updated based on the Changing statutory regulations.

I-Novate ‘s CINOVATE is the the EXIM package in India which covers most of the statutory requirements of the Indian corporate. Comprising of the Different Modules such as
: - Exports /Imports/Form Tracking/Insurance/Excise/VAT.


Product Features:-

  • Customization as per the business requirements.
  • Segregation with Independent but Highly Maintainable and easily Testable Modules.
  • Seamless integration with relevant SAP modules.
  • Complies with SAP platform strategy.
  • No direct postings/No updates to SAP Objects.
  • User-friendly screens to suite for the majority of the business requirements.
  • High-level security through customizable authorization concept.
  • Installation does not overwrite or conflict with any custom developed objects.
  • Incorporation of best business practices.
  • Caters to a wide spectrum of Industry segments.
  • End-User Centric user-interface design with extensive on-line help and emphasis on usability, learn ability and easy navigation.
  • Ease in installation and application of upgrade patches.
  • One stop solution for EXIM activities.


I-Novate ‘s CINOVATE  Provides seamless Integration between the Modules as well as with SAP.

The CINOVATE Exports module is linked with Imports for export obligations commitment for availing benefits in Imports. In Export based Licenses ,and the export related transactional data and its History are linked with Imports. Some of the customized functionalities also provided to have reporting integration form export to imports.NCINOVATE does not Post data directly to the SAP Tables. Any such Postings are done through the use of Function Modules provided by SAP.

CINOVATE  functions are accessed from within SAP Menu.   Once Implemented ,CINOVATE an Integral part of the SAP thus reducing the efforts and time of the End-Users.

This system designe and architecture eliminates the need for separate Housekeeping procedures such as Backups and System maintenance activities.

The I-Novate’s  CINOVATE   is the  right and Ideal Solutions for all kind of  Business  organizations.