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Training & Development

Employees are our most valued assets and the source of 'sustained competitive advantage' for the company. We are constantly looking at newer technologies, newer ideas, better tools, newer processes and ways to improve what we do. Employee development is an ongoing process at I-Novate.

We believe that it is essential to provide continuous training and development inputs for employees to reinforce good work practices and acquire the core competencies needed for competitive advantage and flexibility. We strive continuously to enhance the learning curve of our employees through targeted and well-rounded learning and development opportunities.

Having realized the importance of maintaining up-to-date training and development of employees, the philosophy of I-Novate is one of continuous learning. A belief held by all, from the Management to each individual member of the organization, this philosophy is rigorously applied to our internal training plan.

At I-Novate we are committed to sharing the knowledge and expertise we have gained in order to assist our clients with the continued improvement, development and excellence of our employees.      


  SAP/MSD certification programmes
  Job Rotation
  Well defined Career Progression Ladder
  Mentorship Programmes
  360 degree feedback system
  Organizational Excellence
  Robust R & R system
  Forced Distribution System of Appraisal Rating